Winter Exercise Is Vital For Your Dog

Be it a beautiful crisp winter morning or a miserable, damp, grey day, it is important your dog gets its daily exercise. Whilst it may be difficult to motivate yourself to step over the threshold of your warm and cosy house, the benefits are enormous for both you and your dog.

Most dogs can actually handle colder conditions than humans.  However, common sense dictates that if you see your dog shivering and wanting to go straight back indoors, it is likely your dog does not enjoy the cold weather.

So, what can you do to make the most of exercising your dog?

  • Make your route more exciting by changing it regularly.
  • If you have time, test your creative skills by building an obstacle course for your dog.
  • Enjoy the change in season, appreciate the landscape and try a walk in the woods.
  • When the snow is on the ground, make the most of the extra muscle tone you will both get as you walk through beautiful drifts of white snow.
  • Find a dog agility group in your local area and make new friends for both you and your dog.
  • Why not try flyball?  It has the added benefit of improving your dog’s mental agility.
  • If it really is too cold for you both outside, look for some indoor exercise options.  Make the most of long hallways or stairs and play games with your dog.

Of course, underpinning all this exercise is the need to make sure your dog gets plenty of protein, from the best performance dog food available.

Expert nutritionists at Vitalin have created a range of dog foods specially formulated to satisfy every breed, age and type of dog.  These will ensure your dog gets all the goodness it needs to thrive during the cold winter months.

From pet puppies to seasoned working dogs, Vitalin’s quality range will nutritionally support your dog’s health throughout winter, giving them that extra winter glow.

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