Why ferrets make great pets

Although a ferret may not be your first point of call when considering a furry addition to your family, they do make great pets due to their affectionate and playful nature, along with many other reasons…

Ferrets are highly intelligent

Owners are often surprised by how intelligent ferrets are and for this reason, they can be easily trained. Whether they’re problem solving, litter box training or practising tricks, ferrets will do so with an air of determination.

They’re sociable, friendly and affectionate

We advise owners to have more than one ferret if possible as they love interacting with each other. Although they do love the companionship of other ferrets, they still crave attention from their owners and they make great friends if you love fluffy cuddles. You’ll also find that every ferret has their own quirky personality which can be hugely entertaining.

They have playful and curious personalities

Ferrets are very quiet pets, but will entertain you endlessly as they play with their toys and wander around curiously. It is said that your mood can be quickly uplifted by the playfulness of a ferret and that they can even help to relieve stress after a couple of hours spent playing with them, which is why they make such great companions.

Exercise is easy due to them being so small

If your home is ferret-proofed then they will happily get the exercise that they need, but if you want to go the extra mile, then with a ferret harness and some training, you’ll be able to take your friend out for a walk. Just remember to keep your ferret away from dogs if walking in a public area. They also sleep for a large portion of the day, so don’t worry too much about tiring them out.

They love their food

Ferrets love their food, but it’s important to remember that they still need a formulated and nutritionally balanced diet. At Vitalin, we manufacture a Super Premium ferret food, which contains 48% British chicken, is gluten free and provides all the nutrients they need for a happy and healthy lifestyle.

More information about our ferret food can be found here.