Vitalin Supports Scunthorpe Cat Rescue

Vitalin, well-known for its range of cat food, has teamed up with a North Lincolnshire cat rescue centre, to provide it with much needed supplies of Vitalin Super Premium cat food.

Scunthorpe Cat Rescue is overwhelmed with rescue cats that arrived for a variety of reasons, from abandonment to a change in family circumstances or sadly sometimes illness or death of their owners.

Run by owner, Pat Knight and volunteer worker, Lilly Boult, along with three other volunteers and several helpers, the centre is desperate to find loving homes for the cats currently in their care and welcomes contact from anyone interested in rehoming.

Said Pat: “We are thrilled and delighted that Vitalin is able to support us by providing us with its Super Premium cat food, allowing us to give all our rescue cats the best possible nutrition.”

Scunthorpe Cat Rescue was set up in 1991 and Pat has been involved for about 20 years. She has been based at the centre which is also a boarding cattery, for 18 years. She works tirelessly looking after the cats in her care and has rehomed up to 300 cats per year over the years but recently the situation has become more desperate and the centre is now full to capacity.

Housing around a hundred cats at any time, Pat is hoping they can gradually rehome most of its current feline inhabitants to enable her to start to think about her retirement.

“It seems to be getting harder and harder to rehome cats these days.” said Pat, who has herself adopted 13 of the cats.

“Rather than helping, the internet seems to have made the situation worse as it’s so easy for people to acquire animals these days. We try extremely hard to educate people on the need to neuter, spay and vaccinate their pets but there are still so many indiscriminate breeders out there. Also many of the cats that are abandoned have issues such as illness, disability or behavioural problems that make them even harder to rehome. We do everything possible to find suitable homes for all our cats but this can take time.”

Vitalin Super Premium Adult cat food has been carefully formulated as a nutritionally complete and balanced recipe to meet the needs of all cats. It is available in two varieties – British Chicken and Scottish Salmon.

Vitalin Super Premium Kitten food has been carefully formulated as a nutritionally complete and balanced recipe specifically to help maximise growth and development in kittens and young cats.

Both recipes are hypoallergenic and wheat gluten-free.

For further information, please call +44 (0) 844 800 3347 or visit

If you feel you could offer a loving home to a cat, please call Pat on 01724 784499