Vitalin - Supporting Independent Businesses and the environment since 1953

With a robust and long-standing legacy dating back to the 1950s, Vitalin pet food has, over the years, progressed from strength to strength. Arthur Mills created the first product 'Original' in Ripon, Yorkshire, and the success was instantaneous making Vitalin the UK's original commercially produced complete dry dog food.

Fast forward to now, and Vitalin is proud to be an independent, British brand that provides a range of quality dog foods. All of our products combine a comprehensive blend of ingredients, nutritional expertise and modern manufacturing techniques, which all support overall health and wellbeing in your pet.

Dog Food Innovation

Combining a comprehensive blend of ingredients, nutritional expertise and modern manufacturing techniques; Vitalin create delicious, balanced foods for your dog. These products continue to highlight the brand's holistic approach to pet food, with all emphasis on supporting overall health and wellbeing. Going above and beyond dog food expectation; Vitalin packs in natural antioxidants like blueberries and rosemary, as well as prebiotic FOS & MOS to support your dog’s digestive system. Balancing science and flavour; Vitalin is way more than traditional dog food.

The value of using Independent Stockists

Vitalin is an independent, family-owned brand that is passionate about supporting independent retailers, most of whom are also family owned – it just feels right to us and for the Vitalin brand.

You won't find Vitalin on the shelves of any high street or big brand supermarket. Why? We want to stay loyal to support the independent retailer, providing them with a product that cannot be purchased from larger competitors. Our stockists generally have an equally loyal customer base, who appreciate not only the personalised service but also the specialist knowledge that only independent retailers can provide.


Vitalin is passionate about sustainability and, as such, strives to reduce its carbon footprint as much as possible. Most of our products are made in the UK with an unwavering commitment to the environment; all fish is caught using sustainable fishing methods, and our strong relationships with local farmers means locally produced food is used where available. We are also striving to make more of our packaging 100% recyclable and sourced from sustainable forestry.

Protecting A Legacy

For now, until forever, Vitalin prides itself on its honesty and quality. Since the first bag of ‘Original’ rolled off the production line, thousands of dogs have favorably dined on our products. We are an ethical, family-run business that will remain dedicated to supporting independent retailers.

Vitalin is available in all good independent pet shops and country stores. Please contact us at or call us on 0844 800 3347 for help in finding your nearest stockist. Alternatively, products can be purchased directly from us in our online shop.