Spotlight on Brookquarry Gundogs - One of Vitalin’s new Sponsors in 2020

After receiving hundreds of applications to our recent call out for new sponsors, we have finally selected four fantastic recipients, who will each receive a sponsorship package from Vitalin.

Brookquarry Gundogs are one of our worthy recipients of a sponsorship and, over the coming months, we would like to introduce you to their beautiful dogs, all they do and follow their success.

Hobby Gamekeepers, Laura and Martyn of Brookquarry Gundogs have six talented working dogs who also pick up on larger shoots, enter trials and travel around the country in tests/scurries. With their first shoot day scheduled for 10th October, we plan to follow their journey from pre-season prep right through to when the season ends.

Here, Martyn takes the time to explain to us just exactly what is involved when it comes to pre-season prep and gives us some insight into the months ahead……

Summer is an extremely busy time of year for us as Gamekeepers, which means the dogs take a bit of a backseat, pen preparation, shoot maintenance and the arrival of our Pheasant and Partridge poults mean our dogs’ training regimes are put on hold whilst we spend time getting things in place ready for the upcoming season.

However, as we draw into the Autumn months, with the season just around the corner, it is essential that all the dogs step up their training and indeed their overall fitness. Our spaniels, Remi and Ace, have been getting plenty of steadiness training with Laura, helping to “dog in” errant poults that may have strayed away from home. This really is excellent for getting young dogs steady to flush and also sharpening up the more experienced dogs, prior to a busy season. Whether you intend to beat, pick up or trial your spaniels, it is imperative that they are steady around game.

As for our labs, their training has been slightly different, with both Arlo and Skye preparing for a winter’s field trialling season - subject to Covid. Field Trialling tests the working ability of dogs in competitive conditions, resembling, as closely as possible, a day’s shooting in the field.

 Martyn has been working hard with both of our labs on their “straight lines” and also with hunting an area. This is so important, not only in the shooting field but especially in trials, where it is necessary to put your dog into an area, demonstrating both control and hunting ability. Our eldest lab, Kyah (mum to Arlo and Nova) has been working to get her fitness back for what will be her 7th season in the field. Experienced dogs are invaluable in a good picking up team and definitely add extra birds to the bag.

Naughty Nova is continuing her basic training, concentrating on steadiness, heelwork and directional retrieving. She goes to show that no two dogs are the same and that they all develop at their own rate. She shows great potential but has been very late to mature. We are confident that she will come into her own over the winter and a gradual introduction to picking up will really help her.’

Martyn Long, Brookquarry Gundogs.


With their first day not too far away, and trials entered for Martyn and Arlo, the season is nearly upon Brookquarry Gundogs and we at Vitalin are really looking forward to supporting them in what will hopefully be a successful season all around.

To find out more about Brookquarry Gundogs and see the gorgeous dogs for yourself, visit their Instagram Page to keep up to date with all that they do over the coming months.