Proudly flying the PFMA flag of excellence

As members of the PFMA (Pet Food Manufacturers Association), Vitalin is proud to share the values which PFMA represent as the leading industry body as it celebrates its 50th year of putting pets at the heart of everything it does.

At Vitalin, our legacy of excellence makes us proud; as a super-premium dog food brand, quality, to us, comes as standard. With a holistic approach to pet food, we are mindful of every single ingredient, and, from supplier to the dog bowl, its entire journey.

Working with nutritionists, food scientists and veterinary experts; we endeavour to create pet food, which is not only delicious, top-quality and balanced but also gentle on the planet. 

Moreover, our manufacturing techniques and standards are second to none; we wouldn't have it any other way, which is why being a PFMA member was an obvious choice for us.

What is the PFMA?

The PFMA acts like an umbrella of excellence for the pet food industry. When you see the PFMA logo, you can rest assured that the brand wearing it has passed a rigorous set of tests and checks, guaranteeing the highest quality product, manufactured to the highest possible standards.

Interestingly, this certification is completely voluntary, and this openness to scrutiny - including a site visit, references, and committee review - further demonstrates a member’s commitment to safety and quality.

We understand the need for trust in a pet food brand; after all, you want only the best for your furry friend. Furthermore, we believe that in joining this division of dedicated and responsible pet food brands and offering ourselves up for intense examination, we are promoting total transparency and honesty.

Why choose a PFMA member?

But what does it mean to be a PFMA member? And why, as a pet owner, should you pick a PFMA member?

Peace of mind: a PFMA member is bound to use only legally permitted ingredients from a registered supplier.

Accuracy: ensuring ultimate accuracy; recipes and formulas must be measured precisely.

All members are subject to routine checks, to verify their ingredients meet specifications.

Safety & Quality: detailing the legal obligations and safety & quality standards they must adhere to; all members sign up to yearly PFMA Charter and Codes of Practice.

Knowledge and Expertise: With access to consistent training, the latest science updates and tailored advice from leading manufacturing experts; PFMA members have the edge when it comes to industry know-how.

Professional Representation: Choosing PFMA members means, in the unlikely event of something going awry, you have somewhere to go for advice, and the PFMA can act as a mediator where necessary.

Eligibility to Join: Companies must pass a stringent application process involving a site visit, references, and committee review, and only the most qualified companies can become members.

Reputation and Prominence: even though membership is optional, many UK pet food companies choose to be members because they see the value in receiving the PFMA stamp of approval.

Nicole Paley, PFMA Deputy Chief Executive, advises: "Many pet owners want to know as much as possible about their pet's food – how it's made, are their rules and regulations governing the industry, what ingredients are used etc. We hope we help pet care professionals and owners feel more informed about pet food production and the industry."


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