Introducing our new hypoallergenic & holistic range - The Natural Choice!

We have rebranded our packaging to show our British and heritage roots dating back over 60 years.

The range has been formulated using holistic nutrition resulting in an enhanced hypoallergenic & wheat gluten free diet for your dog, a perfect blend of ingredients, nutritional expertise and modern manufacturing techniques have created a delicious and balanced dog food.

The Super Premium Range continues to use high quality protein from 100% British meat, and is now enriched with nutrient packed fruits, vegetables and herbs such as blueberries, spinach & seaweed. Further inclusions comprise of English rosehip and apple in Puppy, English thyme, peppermint & green beans in Adult and Sensitive while English carrots & burdock root have been added to Senior/Lite. These ingredients combine perfectly to create a nutritiously balanced diet which affirm Vitalin’s holistic approach to pet food; supporting the overall health and wellbeing of the dog.

For more information look through our new website which offers great advice on nutrition. Our hypoallergenic and holistic range is available in all good country and pet stores across the UK. Alternatively you can buy direct from our website.