Fun indoor games for dogs this winter

When the days are short and the weather is bad, it can be harder than usual to keep your dog entertained. So, we’ve put together a handy list to ensure your dog stays physically and mentally challenged during the cold, wet season!

Fetch / Tug of War

Fetch is an absolute classic that can be played anywhere! For indoor activities, it’s best to choose a soft toy that won’t damage your furniture or accidentally break anything. Tug of War is a great game to play with the same toys and to teach your dog some self control.

Sniff it out / Find it / Hide and Seek

Indoor places are ideal to hide your pup’s favourite toys or treats. Your dog will put its nose to work and find hidden treasures, and you can control how difficult you make each hiding place. This kind of game can keep dogs busy for hours!

Treat puzzles / Kong balls

Similar to Hide and Seek, treat puzzles and Kong balls are great ways to keep your dog occupied a little longer than regular toys. Simply hide a treat inside and let your dog work out how to access it.

New tricks / Agility training

Teaching your dog new tricks is a great activity for a rainy day. Not only will it give you some quality bonding time together, but it will keep them mentally stimulated when a long walk might not be possible.

Bubble games

Bubbles are a great alternative to balls and fun for your dog to chase. The height and number of bubbles make for a great energy-burning game of leaping and chasing. You can even buy flavoured, dog-friendly bubbles such as bacon flavour!

Puppy play dates

Surprise your dog with a playdate with a fellow fur-friend. Dogs use much more energy when they play together than they do with solo play activities.

Relax time

After play time don’t forget to schedule in time to relax. Dogs love company even when that involves a nap! Keep a chew toy nearby to ensure your dog knows it’s time to chill for a while.