Dogventures Guide to Staycationing with your dogs!

The wonderful Jess from Dogventures has compiled a fun and inciteful guide, full of hints and tips on how to make the most of your UK staycation with your four-legged friends.

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This summer is going to be quite different to other summers. Let’s face it, the idea of normality may be a way off yet but that doesn’t mean we can’t still have some fantastic trips and unforgettable experiences.  I’m currently converting our van into a campervan with the hope we can get off the beaten track and enjoy some of what the UK has to offer. I don’t need convincing to holiday in England, but to anyone feeling like they are being short changed by not getting their tan on somewhere abroad, let me share some great British treasures. 


Some of our favourite go to destinations:

  • The Lake District – Grasmere
  • Scotland – Loch Tay area
  • Cornwall – St Ives
  • Hereford – The Wye Valley
  • Norfolk – Stalham
  • Wales – Pembrokeshire
  • Derbyshire - Bakewell

Camping. I know. It’s like marmite. You either love it or hate it. Camping for us can be a challenge especially when you have a four-legged friend taking up half the tent. The worry about them running around terrorising the campsite and eating other people’s sizzling sausages from their gas fire stove can send shivers up your spine. Camping with a dog doesn’t have to be a bad experience. Over time I have learnt to use some brilliant products which really are a game changer. They make the whole camping experience so much easier. 

Dog camping stake -

This easy to use piece of kit twists into the ground like a corkscrew and secures your dog into the ground on a 3 metre long lead preventing them from running into other people’s tents and you not having to hold them the whole time. If you buy anything, buy this!

Expandable bowl –

A great space saver. You have enough to carry with your own pots and pans so to get a collapsible bowl for your pooch is super handy.

Dog sleeping bag-

This is ultra lightweight and keeps your dog warm at night. In a tent it does get cold, so I would pop this in the dog bag just in case you go through a chillier evening.

Dog towel coat -

Camping or not we find a dog drying towel is very handy. Not having your fur soaked four legged friend come in to the house or tent with dripping mud everywhere is a necessity. We often rap Rufus in ours after a soggy walk.

Vitalin pet food and treats -

We genuinely don’t go anywhere without this. When the food delivery of duck and potato arrives Rufus goes berserk. He can smell it being delivered down the drive. So, in order to stop him eating our bacon baps, we take some Vitalin dog treats to keep his stay command top notch and afterwards feed him his favourite kibble.



Camping doesn’t have to be simply staying in a tent. It could be glamping in a shepherd’s hut or staying in a campervan. There are lots of different options. Some even come with hot tubs and their own small beach fronts. You’ve just got to look in the right places. In the same breath, it also doesn’t mean shivering at night and eating one pot meals. We have seen camping food evolve into desirable dishes and becoming more of an on-trend choice than a simplistic rustic meal. The thing is when you camp, your meals become more exciting because you have to work that little bit harder to eat them. You need to be clever and think out how you can heat up your entire meal on just two gas stove rings or how to make your fire if you’re going all out with dry sticks. If there is a year to give things a go, this is it.

Waking up in the great outdoors isn’t for everyone but if we have learnt anything through this problematic pandemic, it’s to be resourceful and grateful for what we do have. We have all reconnected with nature in some way. Finding local walks, you didn’t know exist, yearning for some outdoor nectar like it’s a currency we are bartering for or that peaceful sound of birds you can finally hear instead of the overwhelming hum of traffic in the garden. Nature is our playground. We just need to appreciate it that little bit more and relish all it has to offer. 

So, give camping a go and enjoy the best of British this summer. Go for a trip to somewhere you’ve never been before. Not only will you be saving pennies, but you’ll be creating long lasting memories for the summer of ‘21. Oh, and don’t forget to take your dog with you. Brownies promise, it’s well worth it.