Choosing the right bed for your dog

As an owner, we can help our dogs get the best amount of rest possible by providing them with a comfortable bed to sleep in. There are many different types of dog bed available and it’s important to get one that best suits the size of your dog.

What is the best bed size?

You might have noticed that your dog sleeps in many different positions, from curled up on their front to completely stretched out on their back, and so their ideal bed is one that can handle them at their biggest stretch.

Sides or no sides?

Some bed shapes have sides to them, these are called box beds and help to keep your dog warm and free from draughts. These box beds are particularly ideal for winter months. A flat bed without sides will help keep your dog cooler in the summer heat.

What kind of material should I choose?

The best kind of dog bed are well padded, made from a comfortable material and should be easily washable. If you are looking to take your dog bed outside, such as in the garden during the summer, you might also want to consider a water resistant bed to avoid damp and dirt.

Should I invest in a luxury bed?

Certain dogs, such as old dogs or dogs with aches, pains and joint problems, would almost certainly benefit from an orthopedic or memory foam bed which they can get in and out of more easily. Nervous dogs might prefer an igloo style of bed where they can hide if they would like some peace.

Know your dog’s habits and preferences

Does your dog love to snuggle with other dogs or pets you have? It might be best to consider a bigger bed that is big enough for two, so that they can comfortably share the space.

Beds make a great “safe zone”

Just like humans, dogs don’t like to be disturbed when trying to rest. It’s good practice to make sure everyone in the family knows that a dog’s bed is its “safe zone”, where it should be left alone to rest.

These factors should ensure that your dog gets plenty of much needed rest in their new bed.