Caring for your pet during the Coronavirus crisis

As the world faces a crisis and we enter the unknown in terms of our health, our community, the economy and the lasting impact it will all have on our future, we would like to take a minute to consider our four legged friends and the impact it is having on them, their health and their welfare

We have now had time to adjust to social distancing and stricter measures with regards to venturing out of our homes (as per Boris’ announcement on March 16th 2020.) It is, however, common for dogs to take a couple of walks a day and many have their favourite places to walk, some being short drive away. The same adjustments that we have made have therefore also impacted on our best little friends.

Your pet may also be accustomed to pet sitters/walkers and having a nice quiet home to relax in during the day (particularly for our felines friends). They may also be used to meeting up with other pooches on the field whilst you catch up with friends or make small talk with a neighbour. The changes we have adapted to are not dissimilar to those your pet has also experienced.

Current advice and guidance

So, what actually are the guidelines that you need to adhere to when it comes to your four-legged friend?

A new coalition, made up of several UK pet charities and experts, has now been formed to help answer this exact question.

The group has provided useful advice and guidance, laid out with easy to digest graphics. This includes tips on what to do if you are self-isolating, how to protect one another and avoid the spread of coronavirus, how to responsibly practice social distancing and areas in which we can look to help and support one another.

Chris Laurence, chair of the Canine and Feline Sector Group, said: “We are concerned that rapidly changing and conflicting information was leaving pet owners confused and worried. Those of us who work with animals are concerned that this information could leave animals at risk as pets could end up abandoned by anxious families unsure if they pose a risk or how they can care for them in isolation.

“We have come together to reassure people that there is no evidence that pets can get sick from coronavirus so not to panic or worry. We have also written some clear and simple tips about how to continue to care for them through this crisis.

“Like many others, the animal welfare sector is facing huge strain, with reduced staffing, loss of volunteers and pressure on resources. We need to reassure owners with good advice so they can continue to look after their pets and this will help prevent rescue centres being overwhelmed at this challenging time.” Visit to read the advice and guidance and find a full list of all the charities and experts involved.

The dog food industry

It is important to note that that there is a good supply of food available within the UK for your pet and this is not likely to change in the coming months.

Here at Vitalin, we are in the fortunate position of producing all of our food in the UK, in our own factory, on the Lincolnshire/Nottinghamshire border. All of our ingredients are also sourced within the UK, many from local farms (with the exception of some of our added vitamins) so we are confident in guaranteeing the same quality food and nutrition that our customers are accustomed to during this period of crisis.

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